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21 Days of
Prayer & Fasting

May 26 - June 15

As a church we are wanting to set aside 21 days of prayer and fasting. During this time we are believing God would continue to work in your souls, use us in our community and build His church.

Prayer is about awareness of God, gratitude, seeking Him, contemplation, interceding for others and aligning ourselves with Gods purposes.

Jesus taught and exampled fasting. In Matthew Chapter 6 Jesus teaches on three spiritual practices together, those being prayer, fasting and generosity. These go hand in hand. Throughout history fasting has been common practice for believers, early Christians would fast every Wednesday and Friday untill sundown and for extended periods on occasions such as Lent.

Some of you may be very experienced with fasting but simply put, fasting is about our spiritual hunger and desire for God over our natural hunger and desires. It requires sacrifice to be disciplined around setting time aside for what we truly hunger for most.

Why we fast:
- We offer ourselves to Jesus
- We grow in holiness
- We amplify our prayers
- We stand with the poor


More resources on the bottom of this page on Fasting.

As a church we are working towards a new property but also the new opportunities that will open up. Our hope is that this time set aside would be a blessing personally and also bring clarity to the journey ahead as a church and every person's part to play in that adventure.


It takes a Village!

Choose How to Fast

Fasting doesn't need to be complicated. You can choose how fasting can look for you over the 21 days.

Options may look like:

- Picking a meal of the day you will go without for 21 Days.

- Choosing a day of the week where you will go without food for that day over the 3 weeks.

- Fasting a type of food that would normally be in your diet, such as choosing to do the Daniel fast which mostly consists of vegetables.

If you have any issues with food or health please make sure you speak with your doctor before trying anything that may have a negative impact on your health.

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Planning Prayer

This is a guide we would love to encourage you to try. Carve out selected times each day to find space to pray.

Three times a day!
Morning - Set your alarm a bit earlier.

Noon - Put a reminder in your phone for your lunch break.

Night - Finish your day with prayer.

What we are praying for as a church in this time

Your Soul - Personal Renewal & Formation
• Personal Renewal & increased hunger and desire for God.
• Freedom from hurt, disappointment and addiction.
• Forgiveness to others and self.

• Each area of health; mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

• Breakthrough in challenging areas!

Our Community - Gods heart & Our part
• For an openness to the Gospel and to the Church.
• Those in need and going without.
• For the organisations on the frontlines of support.
• Healthy marriages & families.
• Where to become involved in being Jesus hands and feet to those around us.


Gods Church - Gods purposes & provision
• Bend the Church & Save the World. (Welsh Revival motto)

• All the Churches in our community to be healthy and thriving.
• The future for Village Church, Gods plans and purposes to prevail.
• The opportunity opening up at Forth Rd Property (Nursery) and how we can each be involved.

• What you or your family may be able to give towards the opportunity becoming a reality in the FUTURE FAITH FUND (more here).
• Gods provision as we trust His leading.


Try something different!

Additionally, there are many ways to set this time aside with God. Perhaps try taking communion each morning, praying through a Psalm at the beginning of the day, reading a "short book like 'Practicing the Presence of God' by Brother Lawrence, or ending your day with the Examen Prayer (a step-by-step prayer of reflection).

It may be helpful to use an App for this extended time of prayer to prompt you and help with setting some goals, try the 'Inner Room App' by the team at 24/7 Prayer.


Want to learn more? Check out these great videos from Practicing the Way.

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