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Decision Making

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Image by Karsten Winegeart


Philippians 3:12-14

'Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.'


Core Learning - Work on Values based decisions, don't sweat the rest.



Decisions we can make once


What decisions can we make once?


To be at church on Sundays, to be at youth on Fridays, to wait until marriage for sex, to not get drunk, to not do drugs etc...



Base decisions off the bible!


When making a decision on anything it is more than likely God has given you the best answer in the bible.


Philippians verse is what I base most of my decisions off of.



Learn from bad decisions.


Fail Foward





We are always making decisions, some big, some small. Some that matter and some that dont.


In Church life its important to filter your feelings on decisions on a couple of things


Is this a decision that goes against my values?

Is this a decision that's more about my preferences?


When things don't align with our values, we have a problem... When things don't align with our preferences we don't.


People make problems out of their preferences rather than focusing on their values.



Don't give preference decisions a values-based response. You will be a really difficult team member.


Save your passion and output for the values and work with people when it comes to different preferences and ways of doing things.

Exercise or Practice

Planting a Youth Ministry


This town has churches but no real thriving ones, the people are very religious about church and don’t have much understanding of the supernatural side of God. They are mainly young Families with quite a lot of teenagers that hate going to church because of the lack of good youth leaders. There are 2 high schools in the area, one public and one Christian. Most families are fairly well off, but others are struggling financially.


God has called you to this town to lead and start Youth Ministry, the churches are excited about you coming and want a combined youth ministry for all the churches to happen on a Friday Night. With this combined you have 30-50 young people and 3 of which show leadership potential. You have some options when it comes to beginning this Youth Ministry; you can only choose a limited number from each section to start as far as people in your team and programs to run and buildings to use.

Plan a one 8 week Term with an event at the end such as a camp or conference.



Building options:


  1. Basketball Stadium – This has a full-size court with the options of volleyball as well, no sound system or lighting just a basic stage block and school hall chairs.


  1. Old Community Hall – This is a fairly old building that would seat 150-200 people, it needs some work but is carpeted well and has a large stage but minimal sound gear. The bonus of this is it has a rock-climbing wall.


  1. Skate Park – This is the local skate park, it has a good skate bowl and ramps. Next to it is a small building that would seat 100 with basic carpet and low ceilings.


  1. Camp Site – This camp site has allowed you to use their grounds. It has big ovals and a small gym and a food hall. No sound system or lights and a damaged stage.


  1. Small Auditorium – This would seat around 150 people and has a quality sound system and a few basic lights with an empty car park.



Leaders you can bring with you only get to select two (remember to facto in your own strengths when choosing):


  1. Evangelist – This person is great with people, everyone loves them and they aren’t ashamed of sharing the gospel anywhere. They are a bit unreliable though and hard to get them to understand your vision.


  1. Preacher - This person is a great preacher and communicates well with young people has a good understanding of the bible but some weird thoughts. They understand your vision but it’s hard to get them to do the simple things you need a leader to do like stack chairs etc...


  1. Worship leader – This person is great worship leader and musician but being on stage a bit too much (if you know what we mean), they understand the vision but aren’t much of a team player.


  1.  Everything man – This guy will do anything and everything you ask. They love the vision and have a heart for the ministry. They don’t like being on stage or public speaking but they make things happen behind the scenes. They are quiet and don’t really like to approach new people.


  1. Friend – This is an old friend that you have done the journey with, they believe in you and what you are called to do. They will be with you till the end and will have a go at anything even though they have not yet found their gift or calling and don’t stand out in a particular area.


  1. Local – This person knows the area and grew up here. They know everyone and have just finished school. They work 2 days a week as a chaplain at the public school. They have hook ups with borrowing stuff from the school. They love that you have come to town but are still a bit tied up in the religious ways of the local churches.


  1. Musician – This person can play anything and works well with helping people learn instruments. They don’t sing but can play keys well a bit of drums but stand out on guitar. They have lots of old instruments to lend. They are a bit old for youth ministry but are young at heart and willing to serve.


  1. Gatherer – This person is great at gathering people together, they are a natural leader and everyone likes them. Very good at organising things and getting alongside the vision you have. They are a good small group leader and dancer. They are always 10-15mins late to everything you organise.



Program to Run:


  1. Leadership course


  1. Small groups


  1. Boys/Girls School program





You have been given $3,000 to kick off this ministry what do you do with it?






What is your vision or series idea for this 8 week term?




Plan for 8 week Term:



School Holidays Event:


Think of things like cost for each student, draw card, guests you invite, event goal... 

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