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Safety at Village Church

Every person deserves to be cared for and able to feel safe while at any event at Village Church. We are constantly working on creating the safest possible environment for everyone and making sure all children and vulnerable people are cared for well.

Submit a Child Safe Concern or Inicident by clicking below:

Team Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Commitment to being an active, fully present and participating member of the team.

  • Under no circumstances are leaders to be on their own with children.

  • Under no circumstances are leaders to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during ministry.

  • When on team be mindful of boundaries, even with your own family.

  • Attend Team Meetings as required.

  • Submit roster unavailability's ahead of time and text ASAP in the case of short notice absences.

  • Only fully licensed drivers, with an accompanying adult, to transport others and no picking up or dropping off children without parents prior consent.

  • If you have an issue concerning safety in any area at all concerning Village Church, you must file a Safe Church Concerns Report at

  • If you are exposed to any disclosure and suspicions of harm. You must report this to your Ministry Team leader. It’s never your role to interview or investigate, your role is to report.

Appropriate Team Behaviour


  • Using encouraging/positive words and a pleasant tone of voice.

  • Open and honest communication.


  • No insults, criticisms or name calling.

  • No bullying, swearing or yelling.

  • No discriminatory or sexually suggestive comments/jokes.


  • Always work in team and interact in common areas.

  • Being a positive role model.

  • Empowering children/youth to participate in decisions affecting their behaviour.


  • No favouritism or giving personal gifts without approval.

  • No spending time alone with children.


  • Allowing for personal space.

  • Touching due to medical emergency or protecting from physical harm.

  • Handshakes, fist bumps and hi-5's.


  • No violent or aggressive behaviour.

  • No kissing or touching of any sexual nature consistent with ‘grooming’.

  • No children/youth on laps.


  • Collecting details for emergency and follow up reasons.

  • Use of internet/phone for ministry related purpose only.


  • No sharing personal details of others.

  • No asking for personal details of others outside of what is required.

  • No use of phones during ministry.


  • Be identifiable by wearing your team lanyard or t-shirt.

  • Wear appropriate and positive clothing.


  • No inappropriate clothing (provocative, revealing, negative or offensive messaging)

More Questions?

Miriam Guntrip

Risk Safety Officer

Email - [email protected]

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