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Small Groups

It takes a Village to be the people God is calling us to be, both in and beyond the collective gathering.


Our small groups provide a structure for community to grow and connect during the week, encouraging the custom of organically doing life together. We do this in a variety of ways learning from each other and experts with different resources.

We believe finding a small group of people who can support and encourage you is the best way to create friendships and grow.


Practicing the Way

Practicing the Way is a pathway for becoming more like Jesus. Every believer is invited to become a Disciple which simply means becoming a Follower & Student of Jesus. This is a life long process for anyone that is at times called Spiritual Formation.

We want to create intentional and comfortable environments at small groups to learn together how to be with Jesus, become like Jesus & do what Jesus did. This happens in a number of ways and the practices that we are working on as a church are practical and applicable to all of our lives.

How It Works


Each week you’ll gather with a group to learn through provided teaching, then spend the next days intentionally integrating the teaching into your life through spiritual and practical exercises. Before the next gathering, you can spend time reflecting with God and others, and potentially engage with additional recommended reading.

Small Group Courses



Image by Jon Tyson



Image by Kyle Johnson



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